Tire Skip is one of the most important skips to be performed in LIMBO. Many runners consider a run alive only after they pass the tire skip first try. It requires precise positioning and jump and directional input to succeed and there's several setups. The fastest setup saves almost 10 seconds.

The Easy Method Edit

The Easy Method, also known as the Grass-out-of-Ass method, is a simple way of performing the Tire Skip. Although not as fast as other methods, the Easy Method is very beginner friendly because of its clear reference points and generous setup time.

Execution Edit

To execute a successful Easy Method, the player needs to be positioned at the biggest blade grass, as if it was coming out of his ass (hence the name Grass-out-of-Ass) and facing away from the tire, as shown on the picture by the blue arrow. The player has approximately 7 seconds after jumping across the lake to be positioned correctly. When the tire comes down the hill, the jump button needs to be pressed and held down as soon as the tire is at the second blade of grass, to the right of the bush where the player is standing (marked by the red arrow on the picture). Depending on the timing, the player can automatically change the direction he's facing during the jump.

After the player has successfully jumped the tire and continues, the small boulder will be thrown separately.


The Standard Method Edit

The Standard Method is the most popular amongst veteran Limbo speedrunners. Not only does it take place higher up the hill (which increases the saved time), but also does it skip both tire and boulder in one jump.


(Video demonstration with commentary below) After making it over the lake, the player does 3 jumps up the hill, stops and turns around on the small rock. As soon as the tire hits the large grass to the right, press and hold down the jump button. At the height of your jump, press right to put the player back in the right direction.

Standard Method Tutorial w Commentary

Standard Method Tutorial w Commentary

The Four-hop Method Edit

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