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The ultimate source for strats, glitches, runners and - most importantly - swag for your LIMBO speedruns.

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Firstly, keep in mind this wiki is still under construction and it will take a few more years to get it polished. We try to keep valuable information here for runners of all skill levels. If you are a beginner at LIMBO speedrunning or even speedrunning in general, you might want to start at the General Rules page. You should continue going through the basic strats and, after that, the routing. Links to the main skips and more specific strats are provided so you can start learning to run LIMBO right now.

State of the WikiEdit

This wiki is currently under construction and will hopefully get content soon! We are currently collecting and writing articles and recording videos without any kind of a specific plan, so hopefully the bigger picture will emerge in the foreseeable future. What you should find here, when finished is the following:

  • Detailed descriptions of the different routes and how to master them
  • Detailed descriptions of certain skips in particular
  • Compiled information on bits and bobs that are interesting, but are not used in speedruns yet.
  • Extremely important swag moves, no runner should miss!

We hope, our knowledge encourages new runners to give the game a try and soon compete with the top runners and - most importantly - find new tricks nobody has seen yet.

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Why Such a Wiki? Edit

Playdead's 2010 video game LIMBO is a challenging platformer with an interesting and breath taking minimalist black/white visual aesthetic, stunning sound design and amazing natural feeling controls. Speedrunning the game is extremely fun but also quite challenging. The length of a run usually takes somewhere between 40 and 50 minutes - dependent which route you play - and thus has a nice length for a speedrun game. However, by now the game has pretty much been optimized by every step and jump you take and it would be a shame to withhold that knowledge from those who only recently thought about doing a speedrun of LIMBO.

This wiki tries to accumulate the knowledge and experience from the best LIMBO runners to pass them on and help newcomers reach that sub-43 in no time!

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