And the LORD said unto the other Quebecois: "I am HOBOINFERNO, the Blaze of Beggars" -
-His Holiness, HOBOINFERNO
His Holiness, HOBOINFERNO, is a former LIMBO runner who graced the annals of history for a short while before His decision to leave the community to lead themselves in His honor.

Very little is known about His Holiness other than his inaugural and final run on April 28, 2015. To the untrained eye, the run looks like a total farce, through the appearance of mistakes and hesitation. But it is complete folly to accept it as such, without any further analysis into His insights. What may be seen as a mistake is really His reflection on how the section could be improved. What may be seen as a death is really His insight into deaths that few had done before. What may be seen as hesistation is really His thoughtfulness and meditation on how to best demonstrate to the previously pagan and unclean LIMBO community what LIMBO speedrunning really was. And what better way to demonstrate to the heathens of the world what a speedrun is than to have the slowest run ever known?

The Run Edit

On April 28, 2015, His Holiness submitted a final time of a 1:18:13, the slowest final PB ever submitted to the leaderboards at the time.

He would hold this prestigious title for one year, six months, and two days. With this time he submitted the caption he is well-known for: "putain de bordel de merde" - "holy fucking shit". It would come to be "His Golden Rule" - a prayer for many and a holy banner for all to stand under.

Personal Life Edit


A scroll with His Golden Rule - found in the Qumran Caves, carbon dated to well before 1000 A.D.

Not much is known about His personal life. It is theorized He descended from Heaven into Hell (Quebec) before time was relevant in order to spread His word. He waited many aeons for the Earth to cool, host His people, and eventually to demonstrate what LIMBO speedrunning meant before reascending into Heaven.

Alternate Names Edit

In the meantime, He wandered the Earth looking to spend His time helping others selflessly before His final words were spoken. As a result, he is also known by many other names, including Zarathushtra Spitama, Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Gautama, Muhammad (Ali), Joseph Smith, Smith Joseph, Steven Quincy Urkel, and, strangely, Not--HOBOINFERNO. The legends that apply to these people and more apply to this one holy and beloved prophet, The One Who Speaks Of Fucking Shit.