The Dark Skip is a trick which appears on the last quarter of the game, after the cart session, and before the first

gatlings. On this part of the game, you're supposed to activate the lever to make turn the ground, walk on the right, and then, you need to use the wood box to go down without touching the electric ground.

With the Dark Skip, you're able to go to the bottom way without using the woodbox. It's 20 to 25 seconds faster than the normal way.

How to do the Dark SkipEdit

To do the Dark Skip, you need to do a long jump while the map is rotating, due to the activated lever. 

3 steps to do it successfully : 

- After climbing the ladder, you need to place yourself on the corner, between the ground, and the bottom passage. On the corner, you can see a background's relief, a kind of screw, which will help you to position yourself.Take place in the middle of the screw and the left edge. This first step is a little difficult because you have to wait the swinging light bulb to see correctly where you are.

- You have to jump to the right at the good timing to reach the edge without touching the electric field. The sound of the boulder rolling and hitting the wall helps a lot to find this delicate timing (you can also start running when the lamp is on the left). This jump has to be a "running jump" (2 steps), or it will be too short to reach the edge, because of speed lacking.

- If you succeed it, jump on the right but be careful to touch and slide a little in the "slope" to slow down yourself, or the height will kill you. 

Dark Skip Tutorial - Raining

Dark Skip Tutorial - Raining